Medping is a decentralized medical solution whose goal is to redefine and enhance the global healthcare system by building a blockchain-based ecosystem for healthcare professionals and patients to exchange value. While we are laying the foundation for the emergence of a self-modifying decentralized healthcare system, we also want to offer you an opportunity to be a part of the first-ever decentralized healthcare ecosystem stemming out of Africa. Join us in achieving our goals through the ‘Medping ambassador program’.

What Do Ambassadors Stand To Gain?

  • Be part of our team. You will play an active role in developing our platform and strategy to optimize, improve, and add value to the core operations of Medping and healthcare across the globe. Ambassadors will take up initiatives and supply feedback, ideas, and suggestions, and will have a direct line of communication with the Medping team.
  • VIP entrance. Medping ambassadors will be privy to the latest development news and project updates before everyone else!
  • Rewards. Rank high among the ambassadors and get rewards for your efforts. We will have tasks for you that will be rewarded in points, USDT, $MPG, and more.
  • Build reputation. As a Medping Ambassador, you will have an opportunity to network with crypto experts and enthusiasts worldwide and build your reputation in the industry. And in this, we promise to support you always!

Compensation in $MPG Tokens

For their dedication and selfless services to Medping, ambassadors will receive compensation in $USDT and $MPG Tokens along with a generous stash of goodies that we have in store for you!

Rewards/compensation will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions from each ambassador. The quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of rewards. ‘Exceptional efforts’ will attract ‘exceptional rewards.’

Qualities of a Medping Ambassador

An ideal Medping ambassador is a blockchain enthusiast with a good knowledge of the industry and is genuinely optimistic about the future of the industry. Ambassadors must:

  • be ready to create a positive impact.
  • be a leader by action.
  • be humble.
  • be goal-oriented.
  • be ready to learn.

Medping needs ambassadors across different fields with specialized skills ready to build. Duties would involve community management, marketing, social media, network growth, content creation, business development, and more.

Responsibilities of Medping Ambassadors

As a ‘Medping Ambassador’, your first responsibility would be to boost the growth and global adoption of Medping. Ambassadors would also be required to use their networking and communication skills to spread the word about Medping. Ambassadors will also be responsible for:

  • Educating the community about Medping via crisp content and social media communication, positive conversations, global campaigns, and events.
  • Growing our network of influencers, investors, and partners.
  • Increasing our brand’s presence on social media and mainstream media and also directly getting involved in engagements.
  • Fueling marketing efforts by content development and distribution.
  • Testing new features of our platform in closed testing phases.
  • Translating documents, articles, social media posts, and more to various languages.
  • Establishing, developing, and moderating regional Medping communities.
  • Mentoring other Ambassadors and bringing them to speed with the latest happenings at Medping.

Apply here:

For more information about MedPing, visit our website, medium, and YouTube.

Join the MedPing communities: Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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MedPing is a decentralized medicine leveraging on blockchain, defi, and NFT to solve problems facing healthcare system in developing countries and world beyond.